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The Slaughter Begins Anew.
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Gang Rank Roster
Alpha: Tongues, Claws [mated pair]
Beta: Scratch
Lead Warrior: Zera
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fighters: Fever, Zero, Tony, Kane
Lead Defender: TBA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Defenders: TBA
Lead Huntsmen: TBA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Huntsmen: Rowly, Raven, Cloud, Skylar
Lead Spy: Hazard
~~~~~~~~~~~~Spies: Jace, Ciggertte, Azalea
Lead Scout: TBA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Scouts: Wheatley, Zera
Lead Torturer: S&M
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Torturers: Mark, Patience, Cry
Lead Medic: Wheatley
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Doctors: Arron, Azalea, Zera
Lead Gatherer: TBA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gatherers: Skitters, Hex
Iotas: Ryan, Ritcher, Logan, Bullet, Robby, Gabriel, Ven 2
Omegas (aka, the bitches): Lick, Banny, Chains, Candy, Smokes, Derek(human)
Pups: Nitro, Bane, Jinn, Io, Europa, Pierce, Pepper, Nommer, Scrawl, Vito
Rogues: Teeth, Ven 1, Garret, Pike, Wreath
Club Employees
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 4 15
Oath of Sacrifice Banner by Volvagia--Vulcan Oath of Sacrifice Banner :iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 5 9
Tongues Gang--The Demon WIP
** The weird little thing I have talking about the age at which she was infected and the infection presenting itself, that shall be explained in full in her biology/history section.
Real Name: -Unknown-
Alias: Zera
Proninciation: Zeer-a [long e short a]
'Title': The Demon
Meaning: The alias itself has no particular meaning other than it was a name she prefered over her birth name. It's a mystery as to where she even came up with this name.
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Genus Order: Special Infected
Species: Night Terror
Sub-Species: Tyrannus-rapax [meaning tyrant predator]
Nationality: Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Aries-The Ram-God of War-Mars
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
DoB: 1988
Age: 24 years
Age of Original Infection: 10 years
Age Infection Presented: 20 years
Family Pre-Transformation:
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 2 24
Role Play Preferences R.1
The purpose of this information is to better inform those who wish to engage in role play with me. This will serve to hopefully answer any and all questions you might have should you happen across one of my characters in either a group, completely random conversation, etc. and decide you are interesting in rping with me. Though I am a very open person when it comes to concepts and ideas and am always looking for new things to write, there are certain subjects I will not touch. Please read through the following information carefully. Remember! This is here to help benefit you.
If there is something which you are unsure of then please, leave a comment for me here! I will respond to it as soon as I am able to. Please remember this information is subject to change as I see fit.
Updated on 1/19/13---Character Added and Zera Updated.
If you want an rp to remain private, meaning its between me and you only please let me know at the start of the rp! I say th
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 1 4
DDE Pony With Accessories by Volvagia--Vulcan DDE Pony With Accessories :iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 11 27 DDE Pony by Volvagia--Vulcan DDE Pony :iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 8 0
Within Darkness
Trapped within eternal darkness...
Cast out into the cold dark night
I've lost sight of what was once my goal in life.
My heart is aching
My soul breaking
What have I done?
Living in a world of strife,
Seeking shelter from the storms,
Living out my life.
I've lost everything that once meant something to me.
I gave my heart to the darkness,
Trading it for power.
I was weak, I thought I was to become stronger,
I thought I was in control,
When the darkness was slowly consuming me.
I've lost my humanity
Becoming a creature of the eternal night realm.
But not that I really care, I prefer this body of a monster...for it suits me.
I cry tears of blood into the night when I have no one beside me.
I truly am weak to submit to such futile emotions,
The scent is bred into my bones.
Darkness still tempts my heart,
A battle ground between light and dark.
Shall I lay in the dark with a stake through my heart?
Bleeding all over,
Blood pulsing forth from my heart?
Slowly breathing,
the pain of death r
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 1 0
What Have I Done
Bleeding my heart out
As I keep it locked inside
This pain I feel
Does it mean I'm alive?
Betrayed by many,
Used by All
And still I feel their wretched claws.
Try as I might,
I cannot seem to fit in.
What do I do?
When I have nothing to give?
Broken apart,
Frayed at the seams
How can I ever dream?
Silent as always
I put on an act
In-order to avoid
A knife in my back.
I laugh and play
And seem to remain, so blissfully unaware
Of what is seething into my soul
And tearing at my very bones.
Reality is a bitch
That's what they all say
And I cannot help but to agree with them on most occasions.
Shunned by light,
Beset by darkness
what is to become of my lowly carcass?
I try to do good
And instead seem to cause pain.
What am I really?
Ever the watcher,
Always one to help
But what does it mean
When I am the one who never speaks?
I am happy to help a friend
I have nothing against giving advice
But the tables so do turn
And grip me in their claw like vice
When I raise my head
As so do dare speak
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
Poem to Despair
Sitting alone
No one in sight
Wondering why I was given life...
Wondering why as I watch the sky pass me by..
Feeling remorseful, broken and defeated...
What do I do when I am not need?
Walking alone within the shadows
Treading the line between life and death
Why was I meant to survive?
Why was I meant to survive?
The last of my kind I may very well be..
But that doesn't matter if it's only me..
Caught in the tide, I struggle and fight
Ripping and tearing I slowly losing my life
Ripped and torn, battle scared and worn, the end is in the beginning so they say.
What is my purpose?
What is my cause?
Why go on living when everything seems appalled?
Life is turned up-side down
I feel as if I'm going to drown...
Left in the where to go..
I refuse to run, I refuse to go..
Alone...not something I completely hate, its nice to have a little break.
But when reality steps in..what do you do when everything is thrust back upon you?
Treading the line...
Wandering alone...
Am I supposed to
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
Only Words...
When all that one has are words
They can be used as daggers and swords
To slay an enemy
Or to heal the deepest of wounds.
When all that one has are words,
For which to express themselves
The meaning behind those words,
Is an ocean,
The raw emotions of the soul
Being tossed back and forth in the wake of the world
When all that one has are words
To live upon
Sayings cut much more deeply into the mind
Every word
Every syllable feeling as though it might very well be one's last breath.
When all that one has are words
With which they make use of
And escape to a foreign land of fantasy
One uses words to become something they normally are not
Or to play out something which has happened to them but change the ending.
When all that one has are words
To which they can use to stand out among
The billions of others on this planet
One wishes for those words to be as unique as they possibly can.
When all that one has are words to be proud of
It can become a deadly sin.
Words can formulate into a let
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
Life and Death of Me
Backed into a corner
Now way out in sight.
What to do
When you fight for your life?
Forced into something
I really do not wish to be
I stand with my weapons unsheathed.
As I await my opponent
An ever shifting shadow
A snarl tears forth from my lips
As I leap into battle.
Struggling with this wrenching thing
Fighting back
As it seeks to consume my dreams.
Made fun of by others
Shunned by more
Left in the dark
To never be more
Teased and taunted
Hated and deleted
Surely I lay defeated.
Shutting my mouth,
I shrug off the pain
What else do I have really to gain?
Putting on a happy face, simply to get through the day
So far it has worked
If only this feeling would stay.
Listening to others
I never speak a word
Only offering comfort to those who wish to be heard.
Wracking my brain
Surely I myself am to blame
Is it really negativity of which I see?
Or is this really reality?
Humans thrive off the negative news
Yet they constantly cannot bare it when they loose.
Such humble creatures they trul
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
The Feeling....
Rip me apart from the inside out
Screaming into the night
Though barely a noise shall sound
Stab me from the inside
No where left to run
No where left to hide
I cannot escape
This ominous feeling deep inside
World crashing down around my feet
This placated monster will only defeat
The fantasies inside my head
Perhaps I never should have been bred.
My mind is twisting
My heart reminiscing
I honestly have no clue what do....
Everything being thrust back upon this wounded soul.
Tch, but that is life is it not?
Its something we all are taught
What does it matter if you're broke and lost?
Your boss doesn't give a damn how much your morgage costs...
Criminals crowding the neighborhood
Can't even feel safe inside your own house
Trapped within
This feeling of dread
But what does it matter?
The whole world is the same.....
Everyone laying claim
To the same wretched name
You're nothing more than a number
Another cog in the wheel
To be used and abused by society
Worked to the bone
Then left to di
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 1 0
Art of Breaking....
Broke inside
I lay down and cry
Tears flood the floor
My head pound from the agonizing dieing roar.
Tempted to do what I can
To follow my dreams
Yet everything seems to fall short
Ripping and tearing at the seems.
Perhaps I am denying something I should not.
Perhaps this was what the cards were reading
And yet I failed to understand their meaning.
Sometimes I can't help but feel
As though everything I do is pointless.
My dream is dieing..
Yet I still cling and force it to the surface to breath.
I work so hard..
And yet it moves so slowly along
I wonder if it will ever be done.
This over cast day
Is just how I feel.
Music blaring from the speakers.
Over the roar I can hear nothing.
Blocking out reality...
This is the only way I know how to survive.
Faced with things I wish to avoid.
I know I have no choice but to confront them at some point.
Headstrong I may be
Yet inside I scream.
Blood from my lips, so bitter and sweet
Why must dreams only be dreams?
Why cannot they be reality?
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
Mature content
LoZ--Fic Into Darkness Ch.3 [wip] :iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 1 11
Mature content
LoZ Fic--Into Darkness Ch.2 [complete] :iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 2 29
LZR--Canon Races and Ranks
In the plot of Legends Reborn racial desegregation holds a major presents in the first few campaign archs. As the plot continues to progress the desegregation will begin to lax and eventually break down as Hyrule is liberated from the grasp of the Shadows. Announcements will be made when the ranking and jobs a canon race is allowed to have has changed! Be on the look out for updates!
If a canon race is not listed, that means the race is not allowed for use. On a final note, Fairies and Great Fairies are considered NPCs and thus cannot be used as main characters. Should any particular canon race become too numbersome [save for the Hylians for the time being as they are the dominate race after all] a temporary ban shall be placed on the species until numbers even out. Announcements, once again, shall be made when bans are put in place or taken down.
A so called ranking system which has been put in place by the current dominate race of Hyrule, the Hylians. Thanks to the corr
:iconvolvagia--vulcan:Volvagia--Vulcan 0 0
Some of the art submitted here can also be found on my main account Dregrith. This account is primarily used for role play. Beware my writings folder. Its full of horror stories. Just thought I'd warn you.

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Appreciating the little things in life, is not a material person though is very protective of her manga, games, and other books. A lover of animals and has earned her Vet. Assistant certification. A fairly easy going person who merely desires to lead a simple life.

Warning! I'm a horror/survival fanatic! Nearly all of my writings reflect some type of horror genre. So if horror is not your thing then don't even bother browsing through my Fanfiction folder. You have been warned!

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