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Forward Warning:

This is a Horror LoZ story! Don't like horror then don't read it!

M/A Fatal/Blood/Violence/Gore/Some Language

Chapter 1

It is often said that endings and beginnings are related. I was once told there is no such thing as a true ending, only new beginnings. There is no such thing as death, only another step one must take in their existence. If this is true, then what trials await? What battles need to be fought? Should this be the task set to me by the Goddesses or.... thoughts immediately stopped no sooner had they come to wander upon the topic of the Goddesses.

The Goddesses, they had become a sore subject matter for the Hylian. Subconsciously his hands curled into fists, anger beginning to mount from within. IF it wasn't for them, he'd never be in this situation nor his previous one if it wasn't for them! Did they enjoy toying around with the lives of mortals like this?! Snort issues forth from the male, he couldn't afford to waste energy on something like this, not now anyways. Still, he couldn't help but be burned by the deities' actions! What was he to them?! Some sort of play thing which involked a limited fascination before he was tossed aside for having bored them? Its your destiny...its your job Link. You are the chosen weilder of the Triforce of Courage.... he sarcastically thought to himself, mentally imitating what he thought the voices of the deities might sound like.

Yeah, it was my destiny to clean up THEIR mess. Link spoke aloud, disdain lacing the undertones of his voice. Not even so much as a simple thank you. It's not like he was expecting them to actually appear before his eyes and offer congradulations. No. But not even one of them could have boosted for a simple telepathic thank you or good job? Link was for sure certain they could have done that at least. They were deities after all, the ability to speak in another's mind had to be on their list of tricks. No, to them he merely did what was expected of him and therefore it did not warrent anything on the Goddesses' half.

To anyone else, the hylian sounded like a spoiled child, but no one else had endured the past year of hell he'd gone through either! It wasn't as if Link was saying he only took on the task of saving both Hyrule and its princess now queen, Zelda in return for a reward. He would have done it regardless even if he never held the power of the Triforce. This was his home after all and he would soon be dead than see it destroyed by the hands of someone like Ganondorf!

Albeit, upon being told this was his destiny, what he had been practically born to do, well; who could honestly blame him for thinking matters would have turned out a little differently? So far, not even the townsfolk were showing him a shred of respect. Then again most of them had no clue about the twilight as its effects on normal people practically froze their souls in time. It was as if nothing had ever happened to them. If only they knew exactly how close they'd been to a certain brutal demise under Ganondorf's rule should the Gerudo King have succeeded! Better yet, to have seen the utter shock and befuddlement upon hearing it was Link who'd saved their hides! Link, the farm hand from no where.

Those days were long since past by a year if not longer. Thoughts of home seemed so faint to the hylian now. He could barely recall the names of the villagers, let alone the name of the ranch he'd spent his childhood and most of his teen years working at. This wasn't much of a suprise given what he'd gone through. It wasn't unheard of for battle hardend soldiers of war to remain fixated in the realm of combat, unable to re-adjust to civilian life. A slight shudder rippled down Link's spine at this. Truth be told he'd pondered off and on as to what his life would be like once the twilight had been removed from Hyrule and all was set right, provided he lived. Would he be able to simply go back to his old life as though nothing had ever happened?

He had the answer to the question and it was a definate NO. Being on the go for so long, fighting the elements and monsters alike, struggling to survive, living day by day never knowing if he would see the sun rise was heavy. Knowing what he did now, Link was certain he could never fully return to his previous way of life. He knew he would always be looking over his shoulder, endlessly searching the shadows and confinds of darkness, scanning the horizen for signs of impending threat. His senses had become fine tuned, almost one with his environment. Living like this, on his own in the wilderness, it was tempting to stay. No one around to bother him, to judge him; he would be free to take care of matters at his own pace without someone else breathing down his neck. To retain this freedom....

Ragged sigh escaped from the estranged male, vibrant cobalt blue eyes lifted heavenwards, set to gaze upon a never ending forest. Gentle breeze sifted through the golden hair of the male, dancing across his pale skin as though it were the delicate fingertips of one he loved, left behind during battle. Tongue gingerly prodded at the tips of his top set of canine teeth as the male became lost in thought once again. Having only arrived here a few days ago, the young hylian had not yet made contact with any of the inhabitants of this strange area.

He did not exactly have the right to call this new area he'd ended up in strange, after all it, for the most part, resembled his homeland. Still, he could not shake this eerie feeling of detachment, as though he were in a dream, seeing things through a hazy fog. A slight shake of the cranium was required in order to remove the troublesome thoughts from the front of his mind. Unnatural feelings or not, the point remained he was still an unknown and more than likely, an unwelcome tourist into a land which could very well prove ten more times dangerous than the place he dared to call home.

Eyes cast about, desperately searching for a route hidden within the numerous sea of trees that might be lucky enough to lead him to civilization. If these inhabitants were in the least bit like those in which he grew up with, they should accept him despite what was probably a strange appearance given what exactly he was. Currently reclined upon his hindquarters, the male leaned forward, stretching out in a rather dog like fashion. Giving himself a hearty shake, the unknown male quickly stood up, placing his weight upon two legs instead of four.

Seems as though I still retained a bit of animalistic habits. Nearly three months ago, upon Ganon's defeat by a combination of the Master Sword and the fangs and claws of his wolf form, Link was stripped of his ability to shape shift. The original shift had been triggered over a year ago upon the arrival of the Shadows within Hyrule. When he came into contact with the evil energy, the Triforce of Courage awoke within the hylian, transforming him into a wolf so at to be destroyed by the taint. At first there was no controlling the transformations, his body would automatically morph when the Triforce sensed he was too near the taint.

Thanks to Midna and the unintentional gift of the Shadow Crystal from Zant, Link was able to shift between his beast and hylian forms at will. With the realm of Twilight back to its original state, the shadows destroyed and Ganon sealed away, Midna left for her homeland, taking with her the Shadow Crystal and Link's ability to transform. At first the hylian bulked at the thought of taking an animal form. It didn't take him long to change his mind. What he wouldn't give for that ability now! He had grown so use to the shift it felt alien to remain in his hylian form as long as he had. Being uncomfortable in one's own body, that was never good.

As if loosing the ability to shift wasn't bad enough, Link awoke one day to find the normally glowing Triforce on the back of his left hand gone and his body feeling like it was made of iron! Little had Link realized just how heavily he relied upon the strength granted to him by the Triforce. How easily he became exhausted, how frail his body had become! Where he could once withstand multiple punishing blows, Link nearly had his lights knocked out by the force of something he once considered to be light!

Anger and frustration only mounted upon this discovery. It was part of the reason Link refused to return home. His goal was to train, endure the hardships of wilderness living in order to boost his abilities back to what they once were. He was ultimately sick and tired of being the one who was seen as weak, worthless, helpless and a burden upon others! He didn't give a rat's ass about being under estimated, this often played in his favor as he was normally capable of taking enemies by suprise with both skill and speed. He might have lost his speed but certainly not his skill! All the same, Link was hellbent on not being seen as someone to be handled with caution. Even moreso, he was not going to become the prey of some wild beast!

Prey...prey...prey....the thought did not sit well with Link at all. He was no one's prey be it monster, animal, or person. The way Ganon had gazed upon him...the glint in those eyes, they had said he was weak, one who could easily be over powered, one of no threat or warrent of concern. Never again would he allow himself to be looked upon like that. The mere thought of it triggered his anger to spike once again. Oh how he remembered the expression Ganon wore all too well, his laughter and mocking seeded deep into Link's memory.

Hand tightend about the hilt of his sword, the rage he felt then, what he would've longed to have done in wiping that infuriating expression off the Gerudo's ugly face! Never before could he recall feeling such rage, the overhwhelming urge to have charged head long, sinking his hand deep into the abdomen, ripping through flesh as he tore out the foul innerds, strangling Ganon with his own intenstines! The murderous thought caused a slight grin to curl upon the corners of the hylian's lips. Upon realizing this Link shook his head once more. This wasn't like him at all! Such thoughts had never brought appeal to him before!

Grunting as he resettled the sheild upon his back, Link set off again. Light was fading, he needed to find cover and quickly, who knew what creatures dwelled within this forest? Eyes had no problem with such low levels of light, hearing finely tuned to listen for the approch of anything or anyone. Head inclined ever so slightly, the male sniffing at the air. Well, at least he seemed to have kept the boost to his senses granted from his wolf transformations. No telling how long this would continue to last though. Staying on the ground would leave him vulnerable all the way around, climbing into a tree seemed like a better corse of action then again there was no telling what might be up there either. And judging by the landscape a cave was very unlikely. Then again, he'd always avoided caves ever since he had the misfortune of taking up residence in the home of a rather angry monster.

Damned if he did and damned if he didn't. Time to pick the poison. Ground it was, at least he could make a fire there, might help to keep him safe. Boots trudged more heavily than he would have liked upon the forest floor, why did his body have to be so haphazard?! Snorting once more, keen eyes detected a change in the light pattern through the trees. A clearing was up ahead. Now urging his walk into a jog, the male came to the tree line, intently scanning the area. Good, the grass was only ankle high, nothing large could hide in it, shrubs were nearly non-existant, less for animals to  stalk him from. Cautiously Link stepped into the clearing, dropping upon all fours, creeping along, his underside brushing slightly against the grass. This was something he would never stop doing as it proved to be an invaluable manuver for him both in wolf form and hylian.

Hearing picked up the sound of running water. Daring to poke his head up just a bit he spied a small stream moving through the center of the clearing. Still creeping forward Link came to the water's edge. Rippled reflection stared back at him, sunken and sullen eyes nearly devoid of all life stood out againt his paled and dirty skin. How long had it been since he last was able to cleanse himself? The male couldn't even remember. Stooping, he reached forward, dipping his cupped hands into the cool water before bringing it to his lips. Link drank heavily, a little on the dehydrated side, the crisp, clear water proving rather refreshing. He gave pause long enough to gasp for breath having been downing water non stop for the past couple minutes.

Fire, fire, he needed to build one before the sun set completely. Judging by the dampness of the earth around him, this stream flooded about 4 feet up the small bank from where he currently was. Even though the skies were clear, there was no telling when a freak storm might pass through. Last thing he could afford was to be swept up in a massive torrent of raging water, being dragged downstream to who knows where! The opposing bank was steeper than this one, making it a favorable place to rest; he'd be protected from sudden rising water over there. Hands were placed against the ground once again, body coiling up. Kicking off hard, arms outstretched infront of him, Link sprang in a rather frog like manner across the stream. Fingers found their holding as they instantly snatched hold of the thick grasses lining the bank. Heaving to, the male eased himself up over the edge, plopping down in the cool grass.

Briefly pausing to remove the unwelcome dirt from his hands, Link strode forward using his feet to gentally prod the ground, making sure it wasn't going to suddenly give way under his weight or an unseen whole suddenly swallowing him up. If he had a rubee for every time he'd fallen into some ditch or tunnel in the past year, well, he'd be a fairly rich man. Ears dropped, that thought didn't help much. Now he was only succeeding in making himself sound like some clumsy oof! Alright, so maybe his senses weren't so top of the notch when he first started out on his mission but he learned, he trained! Gritting his teeth, Link finally chose a spot upon the ground. Drawing forth his sword, he began to slice away at the grass, it being taller than the opposing bank.

This thing is worthless.... sword fell from his grasp, Link clearly aggitated. Snatching around his back he furious grabbed hold of his sheild, wincing in pain as he drew is arm back around. Great, he just over extended the muscles! He really was a pathetic mess wasn't he? With the sheild held in both hands, he dug the large side edge of it into the earth, pulling back. The reason for this maddness? Link was attempting to dig a firepit inorder to avoid burning down the damn forest. That's tempting.... no sooner has the words been uttered did the hylian push those thoughts aside. Grumbling once again to himself, Link set to work piling up stones into a circle, or something as close to a circle as he could make. Honestly, he didn't give a shit at this point.

With the pit dug and stones in place, snatching up his sword once more he began to hunt about for fallen branches in the tree line. Cobalt gaze shot a rather nasty glance in the direction of his sword. Not only had he lost his ability to transform, the power of the Triforce, but also the Master Sword! Apparently there was no need for him to keep it and thus he was forced into returning it to the pedistal within the ruins of the fabled Temple of Time. Even if there wasn't an apparent need for it, that didn't mean the hylian wouldn't have liked to keep it for awhile! What if something happened and he did require the sword's power?! Now he was stuck with this useless piece of scrap; he tried sharpening the edge with a wetting stone but stopped, afraid the ancient piece of metal might suddenly shatter into pieces.

What was going on here?! It was as if the entire world had suddenly turned against him! Was it something he'd done? But that didn't make any sense, could he have possibly done to piss the Goddesses off so much they left him with nothing and in the middle of no where?! If he didn't find a way out here soon he would surely perish! I wasn't meant to survive.... heart stopped dead, body froze up as the cruel realization struck him. Strength gave way, legs buckling as his body came crashing to the ground. With arms thrown out to either side, dull eyes remained transfixed upon the heavens above in all their fiery glory as the setting sun danced upon the horizen.

Use me, abuse me, loose me....heh....I should have seen it sooner. weak smile began to etch itself across the exhausted features of the male. Breath came in deep torrents, chest rising and falling in a rythmic fashion. His body felt numb, yet tingly all over as if some type of charge was moving across his skin. Mind began to drift aloof, eyelids slowly closing as they only grew heavier and heavier. There was no point in fighting it now, not when he'd come to the truth. If only he could simply drift off into eternal slumber, yes, that sounded nice. He was so tired, so weary of fighting his muscles ached, feeling as though he suddenly weighed a ton.

I have no other purpose now with Ganon gone, the Twilight realm healed and Zelda back on the Throne of Hyrule. I was supposed to meet my end at Ganon's hand, the two of us striking each other down. Thats why they took it all from me. They figured that would be enough to kill me off, that I would never be able to survive without their help, their power, their permission to exist...

Those last words were breathed with the most abhorently hateful tone; escaping from him in a voice never once heard from the hylian. The once peaceful notion having begun to wash over his entire being was gone, replaced with only a writhing energy. To hell if he was going to lay down and die! No one, NO ONE, controlled his fate, dictated his life and no one decided when he would die! Sitting bolt upright, hands feverishly snatched up the load of twigs and branches he'd collected earlier. Hauling himself to his feet, adrenline flooding his system, Link moved with a set purpose. He was going to live, he was going to survive, even if it meant fighting the ones responsible for his creation tooth and nail along the way! He wasn't some play thing to be cast aside, he was a living, breathing, sentient creature!

Throwing the wood into the pit he'd dug earlier, left hand out stretched as he cast Din's Fire, the wood suddenly bursting to life in flames. Sitting cross legged infront of the fire, Link drew his sheild and pack next to him. With his sword laying upon the ground in front of him, he pulled the bag into his lap, now digging through it to see exactly what he had left. Several empty waterskins, a few potions, another set of clothes, a few small rolls of cloth, a few empty bottles, the stone he used for sharpening his weapons, his hunting knife, some extra string for his bow, wood whittling knife....but no food. Pulling out the empty waterskins he laid them out as a reminder to fill those from the stream. Hand grasped about the hilt of the hunting knife, pulling it out.

There was some fishing line tangled about the hilt he hadn't notice earlier. Holding the knife in one hand he tried to untangle the line but not to much avail. Growling to himself he set the knife between his teeth so as to use both hands to remove the fishing line. Finally manging to seperate the two he hastily threw the line back into his bag, irritated. About the only thing he could do with the line now was hand fish, given the fact he had no pole. But unless he found a lake or pond, the line wasn't going to be catching him anything. Unless, he used it as a snare. Groping around in the bag again he pulled it out and began tentively untangling and de-knotting the line. With it finally rendered usable the hylian tied the loop snare at one end and with the rest coiled in the palm of his other hand he sped off into the trees.

Hastily glancing about, Link had to set the trap properly otherwise he'd catch nothing. With the hunting knife once again clentched between his teeth, he chose an ideal spot to set the trap. A bush baring fruit. Having no clue as to if it was posionous or not there was no way he was touching it! Staking the line into the ground right under the edge of the bush, his trap was set, any animal with a foot small enough to fit into the loop would be caught the second it tried to move away! The line he had wasn't all that strong, the most he could hope to catch with this was a rabbit. With the trap set, Link hurried off, not wanting his scent to cover the area and scare off any potential meal.

Returning to his spot by the fire, all he could do now was wait. Waiting, it was something the hylian never took kindly to, but he had no choice. Crossing his arms, head bent and eyes closed, he focused on listening, making use of his race's uniquely sensative ears. Only problem was, any sounds he might have picked up concerning an animal caught in his trap were being drowned out by the growls currently issuing forth from his own midsection. Doing his best to keep his concentration, Link drew his knees up to his chest, pressing his torso tight to his legs. It was a rather pathetic attempt to muffle the protesting snarls of hunger emminating from his empty gut.

Given his age, being 17, Link's body was still growing and maturing, and like all 17 year olds, he was not exempt from the near consant requirement of food. It had been awhile since he'd last gone without eating like this; even during his mission to quell Ganondorf and the Twilight, he either bought food to take with him when stopping into town or merely ate the meat of monsters he'd put down. The latter was an aquired taste but there was no aruging, food was food. But here, there were no towns and so far no signs of life other than insects and the occassional bird. Given the time of year, Link knew it was pointless to start climbing trees or hacking through bushes in hope of finding a nest or several full of eggs. As of now the hunger was annoying but he could put up with it for the time being, but for how much longer he wasn't sure.

Being as physically active as he was, always on the moving, fighting monsters and so on, his body was use to recieving high concentrations of calorie rich food, use to having a near constant supply of energy to keep it going. But now, he wasn't adapting too well that was for sure. The warrior lacked fat stores, his metabolic rate too high to allow for much of the substance to accumulate upon his body. He basicaly worked off anything he had put on in battle all the time. It would only be a matter of days before his body began breaking down his own muscle, consuming itself in order to survive. Well, Link got what he wanted, a real test of survival. Now was as good a time as any to prove himself worthy to exist. If he died out here, no one would ever know.

Fingers interlaced about the hilt of the dagger next to him. Removing the leather sheath, Link checked to make sure the blade's edge was sharp and ready to go. Waiting was one method of hunting, the prey coming to the predator. It was rather efficiant as the predator expended very little energy in the process but the waiting period could take hours if not days. Link was not only too impatient for that, he knew he didn't have that amount of time! Looks like he was left with only one choice, go looking for his dinner. This wouldn't be nearly as difficult if I could still transform! he said to himself. Stashing items back in his bag, Link began to remove some of his clothing. He couldn't afford to be weighed down or make noise which might alert his target. Pulling off his tunic he quickly undid the straps and buckles securing the chainmail to his body, yanking it off over his head. He also removed the white shirt he normally wore under the chainmail. Shivering slightly in the night air, Link pulled off his boots and socks.

One of the most important assets to any hunt was stealth, the boots were noisy and clunky. Without them Link would be able to feel the ground underfoot, helping to assure his agility and silence. He did leave his arm-guards on, needing something to offer any amount of protection against an angry beast. Sword and sheild were left by the fire as he strapped the large hunting knife to his left thigh. Clad only in his pants the young hylian took to the forest. Using only a hunting knife was insane but with no arrows for his bow he didn't exactly have a choice. Tonight he would attempt to hunt as he had before, only this time, not in the form of a wolf. Link kept to the shadows, moving low to the ground, often times creeping along with some effort upon all fours.

Pointed ears twitched, moving every so often several degrees up and down as he did his best to triangulate the source of any sounds he heard. At least his ability to see in low light was still there. Fruitlessly he sniffed at the air, hoping against hope he could detect something. Link was being foolish, a hylian's sense of smell might have been a little better than a human's but it wasn't a sense they relied upon heavily. It wasn't for lack of trying as far as Link was concerned. He kept his movement through the dense forest fluid and silent, eyes searching for even the slightest movement. The sound of his own heart beating a tattoo against his ribcage was starting to become bothersome. Inhaling deeply through his nose and exhaling slowly through his mouth, Link refocused himself.

Something had been triggered in his mind, as if a switch had been flipped. No longer did he worry, no longer was he concerned. His body moved of its own accord, now weaving through the trees and underbrush with purpose, line of sight narrowed as it was subconsciously blocked from registering in the brain, tunnel vision taking over, his eyes trained on something. Forbidden shivers of delight swept down his spine, muscles tensing, senses spiking, ready for the real hunt! Link began to grow fidgety, unusual for him and a bit out of character to say the least. All higher reasoning began to shut down, reducing the hylian to a mere animal. And not just any animal but the most dangerous of them all! An animal who only knew life and death, kill or be killed, a beast who wished to feel its life with the death of another.

Pupils constricted, elongating in height while narrowing in width morphing into vertical slits. Cobalt blue that was the iris began to glow dully the light from behind his eyes fueled with a lust for blood building in anticipation of a fresh kill!

Link began to hyper salivate, jaws clamped firmly shut to prevent the saliva from dripping out of his maw. Disgusting but what could the hylian do? Instinct proved stronger than mind in this instant, oh, how he longed to plunge his canines up to the gums in the soft under throat of his prey! To watch the light in his helpless victim's eyes fade away, gasping for breath with his jaws ever tightening their cold, vice grip!

Movement came to a dead stop, body flat to the ground, barely fifteen feet from him sat a rabbit, its back to Link, completely oblivious to the danger it was in. Slowly, ever so slowly, left hand reached down, fingers curling about the hilt of his knife, drawing it out of the sheath. He slid it up along the side of his body, excercising caution to prevent any star light from glinting off the blade, giving him away. Such a delicate creature this rabbit was, so fragile as it sat upon its haunches, little front paws rubbing away at its face, grooming. How wonderful it would taste once the bothersome fur had been removed!

Crawling forth upon his stomach, one arm over the other, Link crept ever closer. Rabbits were fast sprinters, even in wolf form they had originally proved challenging upon his first several attempts to catch them. But he learned, he became wise to their tricks, the key to capturing a rabbit was to aim for the spine. Even a small amount of pressure applied while the creature twisted would shatter the delicate bone. This was its weakness, evolution having traded durability for speed. Even in his feral mindset, Link knew he had one shot at this, there was no way he could keep track of the rabbit once it took off into the woods, not in his current form anyway. If he could immobilize it, it was all his.

Hands steadied, muscles ready to spring, the hunting knife sored through the air, sharp edge succeeding in hitting its mark, sinking deeply into the flesh of the rabbit, effectively impaling it to the ground! Leaping to his feet in victory Link crossed the distance between himself and his quary in only several strides. He watched as the creature writhed about in pain, squealing in eternal agony, its feet frantically flailing about, little claws scraping hopeless against the earth as it began flinging up bits of dust. Blood began to pool under the little animal's body as it continued to struggle, held fast to the ground by the blade. This meant nothing to the feral hylian, he felt neither remorse, pity, nor regret for what torment he was forcing this animal to endure.

The creature's struggle only served to further wet his appetite. Corners of his mouth twisted upwards, lips parting into a sinister sadistic grin as his tongue slid across his teeth, prodding at the tips of his canines, saliva beginning to run down from the edges of his mouth. Reaching down, Link took hold of the knife's hilt in one hand, the other grasping the rabbit by the scruff of its neck. With a tug, the knife came free from the ground, the rabbit still impaled through. Now dangling in the air from Link's hand, the creature screamed only louder as it threw its entire body about, desperate beyond all reason to escape the looming fate! The rabbit's flailing succeeded in throwing a thin line of blood across the hylian's face. Once more his tongue made itself present, licking away the traces of which it could reach.

Time to end this little game. With a mere flick of his wrist, Link snapped the dieing animal's spine in half, the body hanging limply from his grasp, cobalt eyes trained upon the bulging black ones of his prey, watching with an inhuman satisfaction as the essence of life left those eyes. Yanking the knife from the rabbit's corpse he brought the blade to his mouth, tongue gliding across the shiny flat side surface, gathering up the blood which stained it so. Having cleaned the knife in this abhorent manner the hylian set the tip of the blade against the rabbit's back once more, slicing all the way from its head to its tail, he set to work stripping away the pelt.

If Link was in his right mind he would have taken time removing the fur and cleaning the rabbit, but in his current state he merely hacked away savagely, unable to remove the fur fast enough! Sinking his nails into the dangling hide he tore it away, revealing the shiny red, blood soaked muscle underneither. The rabbit wasn't much, appearing half its size without the fur. Sadistic smile upon his lips began to fade, this was a disappointing catch; but beggers couldn't be choosers. Without another thought or so much as a glance, Link sank his teeth deep into the rabbit's flank. The muscles were hot, flushed with adrenline from the struggle moments ago, soft flesh giving way under the hylian's powerful bite. Jaws closed slowly, the male revaling in every moment of this forbiddon act! Warm blood pooled in his mouth, trickling down the back of his throat, there were no words which could have described the predatory glory he was in!

Upon feeling his teeth strike each other, Link jerked his head sharply to the side, the action serving to tear off the chunk of flesh, pulling along the rest of the muscle up the back as it too was torn free from its place. He blinked, taken slightly by suprise as to the extra meat trailing forth from his jaws. It mattered not to him for that soon would be devoured. He didn't even bother chewing the section of muscle he currently had in his mouth, it was so tender so juicy, given how much he was salivating he knew it would go down easily. Like many predators before him, the male tilted his head back, jaws parting as he released the morbid prize into his throat, tongue drawing in the piece still dangling forth from his maw.

Eyes closed, sensation of the flesh gliding effortlessly down his esophagus sent chills through out his body. He could feel the muscles working, squeezing it along until finally it reached its destination, his stomach. If there was one thing the hylian had learned to master while spending the past year in the wilds, it was learning to control his gag reflex as he was forced to choke down some of the most disgusting things. Once mastering that he was even able to exercise control over the muscles in his chest and abdomen, allowing him the ability to eventually constrict a muscle group which served to pull open the tightest part of the esophagus in the chest cavity right before the opening of the stomach; allowing the hylian to swallow a larger amount of food at once while lowering the risk of it becoming caught and choking. One might fathom as to why he learned this in the first place, the answer was the same as before. With constantly being on the move, never knowing if he might end up some monster's dinner, Link couldn't afford to stop. He had to be able to consume his food quickly and while on the go, this was the solution he was given.

No sooner had he swallowed the first mouthful was he back for a second! This same sort of behavior continued for several minutes until the rabbit had been stripped bare of flesh. He'd even eaten the internal organs as they'd become caught up in the last several mouthfuls of meat! Seemingly disappointed if not depressed there was no more, Link began biting open the small bones, slurping out the nutrient rich marrow from within. Once these too were gone, a rather dejected expression etched itself across his blood stained features. Hungerly he licked away at the blood upon his hands, desperate for more! The rabbit had been small, only providing him with half the amount of meat he'd been hoping for. Still entranced in this feral mindset, Link returned the knife to the holster upon his left leg. The snare! Perhaps he'd caught something! Ears perked up and with a fresh wave of bloodlust washing over him, the sadistic smile returned as he hurried off to where the trap was set.

What luck! Even before seeing the trap, Link could hear the sounds of an animal struggling, little squeals of pain and fear echoing forth. Another rabbit, just what he needed! Grasping the frantic creature by the scruff of its neck he removed the noose from its leg, and just as he'd previously done, a quick flick of the wrist and the animal's life was over. In the same fashion as earlier, the estranged hylian feverishly hacked away the rabbit's skin before resorting to tearing it off all together. Once again he sank his lusting canines deep into the flesh, stripping it away one mouthful after the other. And within no time, all he was left with were bones. In turn, he bit each one open, sucking the marrow out before tossing them aside, when these too were gone, a sigh of contentment escaped from his blood stained lips.

Licking away the blood upon his hands and arms, Link made his way back to the stream, thirsty from his meal. This time he didn't even bother to cup the water into his hands but instead merely jerked his head down, drinking in the same fashion as an animal. With both hunger and thirst satisfied for the time being, the male made his way back to the fire side. Kicking several logs into the flames, Link reclined upon the ground, curling up next to fire, falling fast asleep in no time at all. In the same fashion as all predators before him, the male had eaten his fill and would now sleep his fill as the savage beast he truly was. Little did Link know, he'd just taken the first step into darkness. He drifted off into dreams while still in his feral mindset, who was to say what would occur upon his awakening as his normal consciousness regained control. Would he remember his actions from the night previous? Would he know what type of monster he was to become?

Pro-log: [link]
Chapter 1: You are Here!
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: Coming Soon!

I apologize for any and all spelling errors in advance. When I really get into writing something I tend not to realize if I mis-spell something until awhile later. Unfortunately the spell check on my computer doesn't like to work [stupid glitched program] so, yeah. I apologize.

Allow me to explain as to exactly WHY this written piece of mine has a warning on it. Simple, its horror oriented. And when I write horror, I write HORROR. None of this light version stuff, no I'm talking blood, guts, and gore galore! [holy shit I just rhymed?!] Some foul language is included as well but its not too bad as of now.

Aside from the blood/violence/gore factor this is about the transformation of a particular character into a monster! So expect monster nomnoms. In other words, other characters getting torn apart and eaten.

Though in this particular section the only living things being nom'd on are animals, but still. And in case anyone is wondering, because I know some of you are, the answer is NO; there is nothing sexual concerning the consumption factor. Its merely raw preditory/instinct, feral, bloodlust. Yes he does enjoy the act a little more than any normal predator but this is about a monster after all. If you want to interpret it as sexual there is nothing I can do to stop you, thats your opinion. But I know how it was originally meant to be read.

If this isn't your cup of tea, then by all means, there is the back button at the top of your browser, don't let it hit you on the way out alright? You have been given your first and last warning! And by the way, this is only the START of it, things are going to become much, much, much worse. As of now this particular section of the story only has a mature WARNING. The later chapters will more than likely have STRICT mature filters on them. As much as I love writing horror and as much as I know there are younger people out there who enjoy horror as well, I am intent on following the rules on this one.

If anyone cannot view any chaptor at any given time, I do apologize.

Now I'm sure for those of you who haven't already opened the submission up and started reading it BEFORE looking down here at the description....this is a Legend of Zelda Fanfic series that was spawned from an idea I had which you can find written HERE. Yes its alot of writing I know. For those of you who do not feel like reading the reason behind this fic series allow me to sum it up for you. This is my own personal interpretation of the LoZ character Link and the maddness that ensures when the corrupted part of his soul, Dark Link, is rejoined with the other half of the soul.

Dark is supposed to be Link's shadow, the opposite side of him, filled with all the negative and evil that would have normally resided within Link but for some reason were split from him. Or at least thats what I always thought. If Dark Link really is the shadow of Link, to me, that means Link originally ended up with his soul/mind split in half in order to keep the Hero of Light/Time pure and prevent him from following the path of temptation. I mean, seriously, in the games Link is portrade as the all around hero who can do no wrong by my own personal thought on the matter.

So this story is about what would happen if the two sides suddenly came together and refused into a whole. Well, first off it would be a MESS considering the two sides becoming one would be a massive turmoil since this is his soul we're talking about. There is going to be consquences and that means his psychi is going to destabilize for periods of time. The Hero becomes the villian so to speak. As the re-adjustment period continues he would be especially vulnerable to situations of temptation and react harshly concerning matters of basic instinct/needs.

Having all these new thoughts, yernings, desires, eventually curiosity will give way and he'll seek to act upon these impulses. And trust me, not all of them are so harmless. The rush of bloodlust, falling into sadistic can see where I'm going with this can't you by now? To spruce matters up and make it even more agonizing on Link I'm throwing in a few bursts of new magic that'll really do a number on his body. I always figured if the fractured soul was repaired he would have access to a whole new range of abilities and magic. Once he finds out about them, he'll end up loving a few of them a bit too much. Once again it goes hand in hand with his new sadistic nature.

So, as a final warning I'll give this one. If you don't like horror Legend of Zelda then don't read this! I'm weird, I enjoy taking characters and stories and showing just how dark, their dark side can be.

Now let the carnage begin.

Legend of Zelda (c) of Nintendo
Fanfic (c) to Me :iconvolvagia--vulcan:
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Noe-Izumi Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mother of God, I love it. So mature-focused, and the powerful, powerful language. Pretty interesting how Link somewhat "misses" to be a wolf. Ok, he was the "chosen one", the beast from the Twili prophecies, it's a beast who had came out from darkness, after all...
Great job, I love fanfics when focus into these sort of things. I mean, in games you just go and play and do an adventure but you never get into ordinary things such as hunger, wearyness... That's why I love this so much! :D Great writing skills!
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aww thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying this so far. I'm currently redoing chapter three so you'll be getting a LOT more of the primal elements going on in there. Four and six re most certainly going to be the chapters which would probably be considered a mind fuck though given what mental and physical torture Link endures. Lets just say that sanity is only a temporary state. -evil grin- I don't want to spoil it for you but probably around chapter 8 maybe 7, depending....Link will be wondering as to why he even bothered missing his wolf form considering he gets an upgrade. The wonders of dorment powers....
Noe-Izumi Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*evil laugh*
I love all that mindfuck stuff. After all he is facing terrible things!
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
-dances around- hurray for mindfucks!
MandolynDragon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it. I like it when people look at things in a darker way. I mean, I do at times. c:

For the record, I like disturbing things so keep up the good work! c:
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you.^^ I admit I wasn't too sure about submitting this fanfic here since not everyone is into this sort of thing as far as horror, blood, violence, etc goes. Even if they are I know some people don't exactly appreciate canon characters abused in fanfics when they are taken so heavily out of character. Well, it really wouldn't be out of character since Dark Link's soul fused with Link's. Dark was always thought by the fandom to have been one seriously twisted guy being the polar opposite of Link.

And I always figured, who's to say Link wouldn't have retained some more primal like traits after transforming back and forth from hylian to wolf so many times. I'd think something like that would really mess with your brain.

But that isn't the point here. My point here is progression to insanity and over all loss of humanity. -insert evil laughter here-

I am really glad you liked this.^^ If you enjoyed this chapter then you will certainly enjoy the next three chapters! Chapter 2 is about 60 percent done. Its currently up as a WIP on my account if you are interested in reading what I have thus far. I'm hoping to actually complete the chapter in the next day or so. I will say chapter 2 has the strict mature filter on it so if you are under 18 it won't let you view it. I apologize ahead of time if that happens.
MandolynDragon Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that's why I like this story - you've taken Link to a different level and frankly...I'm tired of the "happily ever after" stories and Link coming out of battle nice and healthy psychologically. I've always wondered "you would think he'd come out of all of that slightly wounded mind-wise?"

And someone has finally done it! ^^

Even in my fanfics, I've always made Link have a downfall as well. Usually regarding on how mortal he is: easily overcame by a monster and his chances of defeating it are almost impossible but possible nonetheless. Of course, he does it but he doesn't get out of that without some grave wounds. But they're kind of holey, so I won't upload them just yet. XD

But anyway, good job! I've read Chapter 2 already and the fight with Argorok is super-realistic - I loved it. I can't wait to read the other chapters and the finished result of Chapter 2! :heart:
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I think the happily ever after scenario is thanks to how nintendo designed the feel of the game. Its suppose to be a white knight story since it was originally aimed at a younger audience. I honestly wish they would remake the games and release more mature versions of them. And I'm not just talking about blood splattering everywhere when you kill a monster.

Actually I've come across several fanfics and many drawings concerning what Link would have been like after the battles and they are pretty realistic. Most of them he ends up with Post-tramatic stress disorder and either ends up living as a hermit for the rest of his life or being the slightly crazy ace in the hole warrior of the royal army. Or he wanders around as a mercenary of some sort.

I always figured if he didn't die in battle Link would have followed the saying "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian." To quote from the Dark Knight movie. Apparently other people seem to have the same thought since I've noticed the concept of "joker" Link is popping up more and more. Honestly it would be a completely realistic if not natural end result. Even with the Triforce's power, nothing lasts forever correct? Eventually he'd become corrupted and thats where I figured his soul was split by the Goddesses and Dark Link was created.

But I'm a strange fangirl who prefers her fantasy men on the crazy side XD

Aww, I'd love to read them at some time!^^ If you want maybe I could help you fill in the holes you say are there with a few suggestions here and there? You could note me with them so I'd be the only one to see them until you feel they are polished up enough.

I'll be honest, the fight with Argorok I actually don't like. It just doesn't feel fluid enough to me in motion. I haven't actually sat down and written anything like this for two years so I'm rusty. I keep refering back to things I've written in the past to re-iginte that old flame. Though I will say I'm extremely satisfied with the battle scene [or rather slaughter] thats going to be either at the end of chapter 2 or in chapter 3 depending upon where I put the break. Its delisciously morbid, gory, and violent. The scene which occurs prior to that is something else I actually like, someone is going to be missing an eyeball thanks to Link and its not going to be pretty.

I will say that in chapter 3 Link returns to his home village of Ordon since this is TP based. Unfortunately that is where his TRUE breaking point occurs as far as his mental state goes. -evil grin- He does something utterly unthinkable, unspeakable and when he snaps back to reality...hehehe...unfortunately for him he hasn't even broken the ice on just how much of a monster he can truly be.

Long story short I'm going to have him plunge deeper and deeper into insanity but he learns to control it and ends up with a rather Hannibal like personality [god I love that movie.] I'm adding a physical transformation to him as well since he becomes driven to obtain all three pieces of the Triforce for himself. But with Ganondorf gone for the time being he'll just have to wait around for how ever many centuries it takes for him to reappear. Once he has all three pieces he will stabilize but has become something else entirely to avoid too many spoilers. He does return to protecting Hyrule but in a rather twisted fashion.

I also decided to throw Zelda into the mix and make her a main character in the story later on. I figured even though she hasn't been exposed to the same amount of stuff as Link, she would have her own bit of darkness lurking within. Once he takes her triforce away, this part of her comes to the surface. She doesn't go through nearly the same amount of mental anguish as Link but lets just say she's not all bubbly and happy anymore. Inevitably she will find herself drawn in by his own insanity, at first only being curious. She won't become nearly as entranced in it as he is but she'll have no problem with standing there and coldly watching him off someone.

Can you believe this entire mess popped into my brain all at once one night? XD
MandolynDragon Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! I mean, on a different step and view point, the game is realistically gory, vicious, and may even have some sexual themes. Just the fact that Legend of Zelda games over the years have jumped from the "Everyone" rating to "Teen" is a significant change - increased violence (I think), blood, and whatnot (I would add frightening scenes but I don't think the game has hit that point yet. Right? .o.).


Aww, yeah. I may need a little help. I love writing but I'm a terrible author. xD

I always blueprint my fanfics by developing characters, their importance, monsters and their importance, the antagonist and their importance and how it mingles together. The most difficult part of making a LoZ fanfic is making it as deep as the games. It seems as if everyone has gripped onto that concept wonderfully than me. XD
I often reread and edit my work but it's still not professional enough. Hmm... :iconponderplz:

Hmm, I like it, though. I think it's because I can picture everything happening and I as I was reading it, I was all "aww, poor dear" when picturing Link. I just liked how you captured how savage and bloodthirsty an angry dragon entranced by the magic of the Mirror of Twilight shard could be (FINALLY, A REALISTIC MONSTER).

On a side note, the monsters Link faces in my fanfics are weirdly "Tim Burton"-y: cute and somewhat frightening (or disturbing) at the same time. They don't do as much damage to Link (sadly) in my fanfics but they're...tricky, I guess.

I can't wait to read the rest! Especially when he returns to Ordon. It's like waiting for an awesome book to come out on stores! xD

I can't wait to see Zelda here, too. I wonder what she would be thinking when she sees her destined hero twisted and dangerous (if those are the correct words used to describe the not-so-bad-looking guy). Murr, sounds yummy.

Hey, sometimes it takes just one night. Mary Shelley's nightmare of a creature made from various corpses came from that one night and behold! Frankenstein's Monster was born (probably titled something different back then xD)!

Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Have you seen the newest elder scrolls game Skyrim? I got that game and it sucked out my soul for about 4 months XD. That would be how I'd love to see a much more mature version of Zelda done. I got into a fight that was over my head and my poor character ended up having her own head cleaved right off her shoulders. During fatal blows like that the camera slows down and you see the blood spraying out of the neck as the head is sliced clean off and you hear the sound of the bones cracking and snapping while the shear force of the blow transfers the connectice energy into the flesh and it ripples and stretches with the motion as the sword edge slices clean through before the body collapses into a crumpled heap on the ground.

Blood spray actually lingers on your weapons and character for awhile ebfore fading off too. If you're shot with arrows they actually slow down your movement speed and they stick out of your character for several minutes before vanishing. That would be so freaking cool to see in a mature version of Zelda!

I actually don't plan anything out or plan very little before I start writing in all honest. ^^' Ususally what happens is something partially or even totally unrelated will be the trigger for me to start working on something else. I was actually working on the design for the main bad guy for this legend of zelda rp group I'm making and all of a sudden the idea for the fanfic just sprang into my head. In the storyline of my group hyrule has been corrupted and it kinda turned into ww2 where those who are not of hylian blood are considered scum. So the king of hyrule is this total ass hole crazy as fuck hylian who spent his childhood tormenting animals and thinking up different recipes on how to cook minish.

Yeah, he's insane. >> I started writing his history when the idea for the fanfic came to me. The theory I had about Link's soul being split formed first and one thing lead to another which lead to another and so on. The main ideas tend to pop up first and as I write more and more ideas present themselves and I'll start throwing them in there to see which ones I like best and remove the ones I don't. I actually use to hate writing when I was a child but in middle school given I changed from public to a was like being in college the amount of stuff we were doing.

They wanted detail on everything and they wanted it in clarity and they wanted it fast. You didn't have time to sit and think things out you had to move. Thats where I ended up developing that skill. It was not fun at all trust me, sucked ass. But in my down time I got really into the fantasy world because I was so stressed out and just wanted to escape from reality. So eventually my love for fantasy and escape combined with my force developed writing skills and this is the result.

The problem I seem to encounter is making things too deep or at least for some people. I have a bit of an obsessiveness when it comes to attention to detail and wanting to know exactly how and why things work the way they do. It really use to irritate people but I've gotten a better hold on it through-out the years though I still sometimes slip up. Though that only tends to happen now if I'm REALLY REALLY into something. XD

I've actually read over a few of the fics you have posted currently on your account and they really do have potential! I see what you mean about the tim-burtony type enemies though I took it as you were trying to stick closer to the canon Zelda with monsters instead of making it more horror. The only thing negative I have to say about your writings is you have text walls going on XD. You need to break the text up into smaller paragraphs, give the eye a resting and stopping point before moving on otherwise its very easy to loose your place and the info becomes jumbled very quickly when reading.

Sometimes if I find I'm having a rather difficult time writing something in a certain style or just writing about a certain subject manner I'll look up what other people have done so I can get a better feel for how the piece should sound and flow. If you want to get deep into horror and or psychology of character's minds you're more than welcome to use my stuff as a starting point/reference.^^ I'll admit when it comes to writing things which are between the NC17 and G rating...I'm terrible. Its black and white with me. Either I'm writing something thats fluffly or something thats bloodshed. I don't count crack stories or crack rps since those tend to get rather explicit in many areas even if its done in a rather stupid/funny manner.

I just can't resist giving the story these deep plots which really make you think about whats going on. I blame that on the fact I'm addicted to Stephen King's writings. And spelling/grammer XD I'm terrible at it! I get so absorbed in my writing and I'm typing so fast I don't even realize I'm making all these mistakes until later lol.

Link: -blinks, gawking at mandolyn- Is that all you thought when reading that?! For sage's sake look at what this monstrosity of a writer did to me!

......shut up Link....-tossing him back into the fanfic- You'll be singing a different tune when you have the ability to do that to someone.

Link: wha-? oh. Really?

yes really

Link: ....thats a different story then, you've got me interested now.

-evil grin- oh then you are going to LOVE the make over you're getting my friend!

Link: I'll be looking forward to it.

And I do things like that out of no where -points to above- It might seem silly if not creepy but I like to get into the character's mindset so I tend to do these OOC banters and conversations between myself and the character I'm working with in order to really get to know them. Sometimes I do it just for fun like now for instance. XD Pardon my craziness.

Savage and bloodthirsty dragons are one of my specialties! I took Volvagia from OoT and turned him into an rp character. I've got a bunch of stuff I wrote with him about quests and missions and other goings on which happen in his story between the actual rp sessions. There is some serious dragon rage in there. I'll post them up once I get done with this fanfic since most of the stories are incomplete as I'm weaving them together with the stuff that happens in the rps.

Aww thank you!^^ I'm really glad to see my story interests you so much.^^ Trust me when I say you will LOVE it!

As far as Zelda is concerned she is shocked but it wasn't as if she wasn't expecting something like this to have occurred. Since she is the barer of the triforce of wisdome I figured her memory can connect back to points of all her past selves. She knows just how much Link's soul has had to endure time and time again every time he is reborn. I figured she'd be the only mortal [since according to skyward sword zelda is supposed to be the reincarnated form of the deity hylia who is the mother of the three goddesses if I remember correctly] who knew the truth about Dark Link's origins and that it would have only been a manner of time until the two pieces of Link's soul rejoined into one.

Truth be told its a bit more complicated than that. When I do the several centuries skip to Ganondorf rising again my crazed Link who I think I'll just start calling Dark or give him some other nickname for several chapters will have remained off the radar. No one knows he exists basically. From memory he'll go to Ganondorf since Dark was always a pawn of Ganons. But instead of being a pawn this time around he's just playing the Gerudo to get close to him so he can steal his triforce later. The final remaining fragment of his soul will be born of which I titled in my mind as Light Link. Light bares the triforce of courage but given the fact nearly all of the soul has reformed and is with Dark, a connection will be struck between the two.

When Light sleeps he'll see everything Dark has done in his time and when Dark sleeps he sees everything Light is doing. Light might be light but his personality isn't the same honorable knight as before. He feels Dark's emotions and is directly affected as the soul fragments struggle to complete the bond. He angers quickly, is a hot head, tends to snap at others stuff like that. Dark on the other hand experiences notions of peace, calm, and mercy for once. He stops killing or tormenting others just for the fun of it for a short time. I am aiming for that whole yin yang thing where even in the deepest of shadow there is light and even the brightest of light has darkness creeping about its edge.

The two will meet face to face as Light makes his way to save Zelda and rather than a battle ensuring Dark reveals everything, explains everything and the end result is something like "it is lights job to balance darkness just as it is darkness' job to balance light." Both of them want Ganon gone for good and both want Zelda safe. Once their minds are in harmony the final fusion can occur of the soul fragment and he becomes what I call the original Link. With the final fusion the triforce of courage's hidden powers will be unlocked and thats when the fun starts. He'll battle and steal Ganon's Triforce and in doing so finally destroy Ganon's soul thus preventing him from rising again.

With the triforce of power and of courage he'll spend a bit of time explaining everything to Zelda and she'll consent to having her triforce removed as by reuniting the three pieces into one it'll finally put an end to all this insanity thats been going on for countless centuries. Since he has two triforces already he'll be able to remove zelda's without killing her. Once he has all three triforces he basically becomes a god. However he remains on earth since its his job to directly deal with mortals. Zelda is more shocked about Link's physical form than his mental state.

Once he has all 3 pieces he'll loose his pure hylian form and be stuck in a half hylian half beast form since the form of a hylian alone is incapable of retaining all that power. When I say half human half beast I'm picture a Saytr from greek mythology [like thomas from narnia the fawn]. From the waist up he's still human but from waist down he's got the legs, tail, etc of his beast form. He'll only be able to shift into progressively more beast like versions. So he'll have a werewolf like form and then his true beast form. And I'll let you know what his beast side is now.^^ I wanted something unique so I chose an OC species created by someone here on DA. I've been a major fan of the speices since its design in 07 so yeah XD Its called a psychoraptor [link] though just because it seems fitting I'm adding a set of wings to the psyrap.

Actually somewhere between chapter 3 and 4 he gains the ability to shapeshift into the psychoraptor form and learns how to do partial shifts to the saytr and lycanthrope like form. Its just once he gets all three pieces he looses his complete hylian form. Instead he has to use illusion spells when out in public so as to avoid people freaking out. The only thing I'm making a perminate change to his hylian form before he gets all three triforce is his teeth and nails. He'll end up with smaller versions of the psychoraptor teeth design and fingernails become claw like. And I am going to have him finish growing by this point as well figuring on him ending up being 6'6".

Really? Wow I didn't know the idea for Frankenstein's Monster came from a nightmare she had! Thats interesting.
MandolynDragon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, oh, I haven't played Skyrim. In all honesty, I'm not really into games like that. I'm into those old-school, fluffy games like Yoshi's Story or Kirby's Dream Land. But don't get me wrong: I WILL play L4D and L4D2. I want to download it but I think a Mac computer is needed. I'm going to get one in the future, so I'd be downloading Alice and L4D! <3

But yeah, I see where you're going with it, definitely! Zelda games can be upgraded into that fashion, for sure. They should make a version like that. Downloadable or something, y'know? I'd probably play it. c:

Ooh, talk about skill! I'm sitting here planning and blueprinting, wasting all of this time. xD

But I like how you look at the darker side of things, especially with LoZ. I try to think of something as or close to something as dark but it seems to lighten up at the end. Darn my need to add some levity.

Not to mention your going to those tough schools, although strict (as what it sounded), the skills that you've grasped from the classes...lucky!

My going to a Catholic skill didn't help me with much of anything except learning newer "bigger" words. xP

I enjoy your clarity and detail. I'm a stickler for that, too. If I can't envision it, I'll just grow into a frustrated reader. I do the same thing with my stuff and I'm growing in adding more detail, too. I often draw, repeat, and report how a certain place looks. Such as the Solaris Temple in my caped Link story (the older-looking Link from the Skyward Sword manga).

It got ridiculous, though. I ended up making the temple into a game patch for a game called Furcadia and I even used "Hanging Waters" theme song from the Dreamcast version of Ecco the Dolphin as some sort of an audio teaser of that very place (obviously, it's my favorite destination in the fanfic).^^;

Meep! Those aren't too good, though. xD

I know, my text walls are like...ominous. LOL. I'm working on that as we speak with the caped Link fanfic. It's weird - when I write out stories, there are text blocks and fences, never a wall. Ew, it only happens when I type. xD

Yeah, for some reason...I like to stay within the Zelda monster family for some weird reason. I try to draw away from that but I end up failing somehow. I try hard to think of something super-original. I think that Joker is the only monster I've thought of that is kind of original in the Zelda fanfic genre. Eh, I'm not sure. ^^;

Hmm...sadly,the chances of me jumping into a darkening psyche of a character probably won't happen. I'm absolutely terrible at it. :c

I'd prefer to read and get an enjoyment from others. xD

Might as well dream. <:3c

Stephen King~ again, it's sad that I never read any of his novels. D:

But I know how it feels to have a hero. x3

Spelling and stuff doesn't bother me. I tend to overlook things little as that. I think it's because I make the same mistakes too. c:

I can't stand spelling sticklers, though. My motto is, if you can understand what the person is saying, everything's alright. If it's "TXTSPK", I'll turn my head in frustration. xD

Oh Link, it's okay. Yep, you'll be fine! *waves hand nonchalantly*


I have the same banters, too! O:

No, really, I do!

I tend to strike conversations between the character and my characters, their actions, and their thoughts. I even become a narrator. I swear that my parents overhearing me must think I've lost my mind by now.

"Oh, she's talking to herself again..."

It also greatly helps me when I'm looking at a picture of the character I'm making a fanfic about as I draw their enemies. It's like, I imagine them looking at the monster being developed, listening to their yeas and nays about it.


I'm the crazy one as it sounds like. XD;;

Dragons are fun to dabble into, that's for sure. There are so many and they have all kinds of methods for attacking. It's full of yum. <3

I can't wait to see these! Serious dragon rage = fun. c:

Wow, tons of ordered thought and ideas there - talk about getting things in order! See, I lack your skill of specialized blueprinting and architecture of the characters and their psyches. I admire you so much for this!

The differences between Light and Dark here are also interesting! Sounds like a major mind trip for Link, indeed. Hmm...I just thought of that movie "Silence of the Lambs" for some reason. Weird, because I never finished watching it. :c

I hope that was the right reference. xD

Hmm...can't wait to see his (is it safe to use this word?) "mutations". <3

Oh! I had a friend that was all about the Psyraps before! I remember seeing some of the artwork before and I loved their designs. Ooh, ooh, so cool! I can't wait, ah-haha!

Oh yes, I learned this from watching that cartoon ... ... Time-something... Oh no, I forgot the name. A history-education show...It used to come on Discovery Kids a long time ago. It's also a preteen's book.

I also learned this information somewhere else before the cartoon but I forgot the source. Book, I guess.

You make me want to upload part of the fanfic I'm doing now! But, I'll have to rid some of the holes and rushed parts.

Not to mention, it might be inaccurate due to me lacking the manga and where caped Link actually lives. Meep. Ah, haha...oh well. xD

I'll upload it sooner or later. <:3c
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
O_O There is a Skyward Sword Manga?! I HAVE to read that now. I've only read the OoT and MM mangas. Is there one for Twilight Princess at all?

Lawl L4D I freakin love watching people play that game. Especially when they startle the witch! XD -bricked- I had a friend in highschool, he downloaded L4D and L4D2 on his external harddrive and just plugged it into any old computer and ran it from the external harddrive so it didn't put nearly as much strain on the computer itself. He actually brought it to school with him. In CADD2 class he was a master with the program and would get all his work done in 45 minutes. He'd hook up the harddrive to the computer and spend the remaining 40 minutes of class playing one of the L4D games. He even figured out how to mess around with the game's coding and changed all this stuff in it.

He would put the characters on auto play and use all these commands to generate infinate numbers of zombies to overwhelm the characters. It was so cool. XD Have you seen that other game Amnesia? [sp] its so good but kinda freaky at the same point. Its for the computer.

I'm picky about my video games. I either play rpgs like Dot Hack, final Fantasy, okami, zelda, etc. Or I play rpg horror like Devil May Cry and L4D, etc. I also really like open world rpg games such as Skyrim and dragon age. I love games with either a steam punk, gothic, horror, midevil fantasy thing going on. I do like fighter games but I'm not so hot at those. I have bloody roar 3 and 4 as well as soul calibur 3, I want to get 5.

You seem to seek to balance the darkness in your fanfics a little too quickly with something positive. The key to keeping a story dark is to actually make it twilight. You give it a serious and impending plot and the general atmosphere will reflect that. From time to time and for extended periods of time the plot can grow really thick as conflict grows. The conflict could be that with an enemy or the characters own inner pent up emotions, so on.

For instance make one chapter grueling, starting out not so positive and just getting worse by the end. In the next chapter you can lighten things up a bit but instead of the outcome being dandy instead make it a bitter sweet ending. Make the situation turn out only halfway as good as the character hoped for. I tend to think of it like physics. The inital drop of a ball for instance has the greatest force which will cause the ball to bounce. However the bounce is going to be weaker than the force of the fall since the ball lost energy when it originally made contact with the ground so that means it won't bounce back up to its original starting point but below it.

When it comes to zelda monsters I pretty much stick to what is already there and just put them on steriods XD. I really amp them up and flesh them out to make them really dangerous. Like for instance a poe. Normally they are menicing little spirits that are annoying, especially in WW when they possess Link so easily. XP Not to mention when you drink one in OoT and nearly die! -grumbles-

Anyways, how would you make a poe more terrifying? For me its simple. Poes are spirits which are full of negative emotions. What other type of spirit is like that? I go from picturing a little poe to a massive grim reaper like manifestation with a giant scythe made form the bones of its victims and it wears a cloak made from their skin. Deku Babba? I picture a giant venus fly trap like creature that has drool so acidic it will melt the flesh off your bones in under a minute!

I think monster designs come easier to me mainly because I've always been a monster movie fan and horror fan. I see one thing and it reminds me of something else I've seen and then I just add my own unique twist. The monsters aren't 100 percent original seeing as I had a starting point but there is no harm in that. I prefer to see how I can improve on stuff which already exists in the story rather than add new things to it.

Though I will admit I LOVE designing custom species for rp use and to use in stories.^^

You should check out some of Stephen King's books. I got this one called 4 minutes to midnight I believe and it has 4 different stories in it. My absolute FAV is called Secret Window Secret Garden. That story was actually made into a movie called The Secret Window. Jonny Depp plays the main character. That movie is absolutely mind blowing! Trust me you will LOVE it to death once you see it! Its one of those movies that keeps you thinking and guessing and just when you think you have it figured out...BAM it throws a plot twist at you that you never saw coming!

I've never talked out loud when I do my character bantering unless I'm reciting something for someone that I previously wrote. Or I'm doing i just because inspiration struck at the moment and its usually when I'm with my friends. They tend to think its funny.

Link: -crosses his arms and raises and eyebrow at Mandolyn then suddenly takes notice of what his current captive author wrote in the other comment- Ooooooo ~ <3 now that transformation sounds like fun. I bet I could do all kinds of things with it.....-grins evilly at mandolyn-

Okay get back in your box now nut job. I give the say as to when you can abuse the abilities I give you not the other way around!

Link: -snorts- I'm not yours to control!

Oh yes you are! There's nothing that says I can't write fanfiction using you and it certianly doesn't say I can't abuse you in any fashion I desire in said fanfic!

Link: why you---!

-catches him about the throat and slams him to the ground- You forget its through me you have these such you can't use them against me. -smirks-

Link: -struggles upon the ground- Fine! Fine! Let me up.

Only if you are nice to her. Otherwise I'm chaining you... -holds up steal chain and collar-

lol there I go again. XD

Silence of the Lambs? That was a good movie. Though as far as the major mind trip bit goes I'm thinking more along the lines of how Joker got to be Joker from the Dark Knight.

Mutations is a good word to describe it!^^ They would be considering I'm classifying the psyrap as a special subspecies of dragon in the fanfic. That being said his full psyrap form is massive. Have you seen the third jurassic park movie? The new dino the spinosaurus, his form is the same size. XD So basically around 70 some feet long and 30 some feet tall XD Dragons can be massive creatures after all so its not too far fetched.

-sheepish grin- I-ugh- never watched much tv when I was younger. If I did it was either movies or I was watching the discovery channel or animal planet or something similar. I'm a total nerd I know. Here is a totally random fact, I never watched sesame street as a kid. I got picked on at work when I said that. They were doing it jokingly of course but they were astonished I never watched it growing up.

Ooooo I can't wait to see the newest part of your fanfic!
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Dragonlover32 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
It was good but it was a bit hard to read with the small text (but that is maybe just me.) and you have much space between the lines. Try to have the lines together more. Not to be mean to you but it looks like something that you leave to a teacher.

But the story were really good and you hade VERY good describtions and that`s always a BIG plus for me :D
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh sorry! The text thing is an issue for me thanks to my laptops' weird settings. XP Everything always shows up HUGE and stretched out on my screen so when I type stories I always make the text small and then it turns out too small on other people's screens. I keep changing the settings on my laptop for how it displays things but as soon as I move to another page on the net it messes up and goes back to the default. Stupid software problems. XP

No you aren't being mean concerning the spacing between the lines of text.^^ I think that is a problem with deviantart itself. When I click the preview text button in the submission area it shows up with a much smaller amount of spacing between the lines. But as soon as I submit the deviation it shows up with all this spacing XP. I've tried different codes to fix that but so far no luck.

But I'm really glad you like it thus far!^^ I know that not too many people can really stomach [oh god word puns! XD] the bloodier and much more violent side of vore. Chapter 2 is half way done, I didn't have as much time as I thought to finish it and its turning out longer than I expected lol.
Dragonlover32 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
Okay :). So most of the problams is because the deviantart is in the way :)
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
-stabs deviantart- bad website bad! -stabs again- stop mucking up my writings! XD
Dragonlover32 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
YEAH! "Joins the party"
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
-keeps stabbing it- I shall stab deviantart into submission! XD
Dragonlover32 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
Yeah! "Stabs with Pyramid Heads sword"
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
-stabs with master sword-
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